About BoksHaul

BoksHaul is an online platform offering services that transforms traditional container logistics processes.

BoksHaul Simplifies and Improves the Efficiency of Logistics Container Processes

With BoksHaul, we create a scheduler to work on the logistics ecosystem that will monetize truck empty miles. This manner certainly benefits all BoksHaul stakeholders. BoksHaul is also supported by insurtech and financial supply chains, which will provide a smooth term of payment that will facilitate the trucker’s cash flow. We offer a variety of smart features that are easy to use for the logistics stakeholders including shipper, trucker, shipping lines, container depots, customs, ports, and other ecosystem members, especially for export, import, and domestic container users.


Together with BoksHaul, all the stakeholders will gain benefits. We believe, we are not only doing a business but also focus on creating advantages to all stakeholders and society as a whole.

The shipper will benefit from lower road freight costs for export goods because we provide discounts and the best price quotes.

Trucks which is carrying empty loads will get feeding orders from BoksHaul, it will undoubtedly make trucker companies get higher profits and reduce ineffective container movement can be monetized by BoksHaul.

With BoksHaul, the idle time of empty containers at the depot can be reduced, thereby increasing the effectiveness of container uses.

The community will enjoy reduced traffic on the Jabodetabek road due to the reduced number of truck on the road. And of course, minimize the CO2 emission as well.

VISION: ``Harmonize Logistic Ecosystems``


Johannes M. Situmorang, CSCP

Founder & Group CEO

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Logistics Business, including Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarder, Container Depot, Trucker, Warehousing & Distribution businesses.

Parlaungan Siahaan

Co-Founder & CTO

Unexcelled scrum master and experienced CTO in with a demonstrated history of working in the field of technology, logistics, health, and e-commerce industry.

Dyah Ayu


Logistics Professional with more than 15 years of progressive management experiences, which gained from International Shipping Lines, Wanhai International Logistics Company,  DHL Global Forwarding, Itochu Logistic Indonesia, Kintetsu World Express and e-logistics company.  Expert in managing  Export/Import Operation, Control Tower Management and customer services.


BoksHaul is the answer to overcome the complex and unproductive Port Container Special Transportation process to become faster and more efficient through technological innovation.


For Shipper, we provide services that prioritize the cost efficiency of transporting containers from industrial estates to ports. Both export destinations and to ports in other cities. We also provide road freight promos dynamically in every transaction shipper makes. BoksHaul makes searching for Fleets and Containers never been as easy and as fast as this.

Container Depot

For Container Depots, BoksHaul makes integration and ecosystem intact in the port transportation logistics process. Do not delay any more; it’s time for ease is in your grasp!


BoksHaul is here to capitalize on reverse trucks so that it will reduce the number of vehicles operating on the road. Of course, it will also reduce the level of pollution and congestion that has been caused by ± 6,000 empty container trucks per day. Let’s clear the traffic and reduce air pollution with BoksHaul.


For Trucking Companies, BoksHaul increases the effectiveness and efficiency of using the trucks. All the fleets of empty miles are no longer operating in vain. We targeted to increase the truck’s utilization of 0.8 trips per day to 1.6 trips per day. Immediately maximize the performance of the trucking company with us.

Shipping Lines

For Shipping Lines, BoksHaul extends integration with various related parties related to the container transport process. Our commitment to utilizing the waste process is to the benefit of all parties involved. Make you one of them.

Other Ecosystems

BoksHaul will soon be connected to ports, customs, insure-tech, quarantine, bonded zones, financial supply chains and the driver community. Stay tuned for our progress!